Kamis, 20 Agustus 2015

The Best Travel Tricks For Your Dream Vacation

Have you ever had to postpone a trip because you couldn't find a pet sitter? Well, next time why don't you just take your pet along? If you travel by car it's no problem to take fido with you but what if your traveling by air? First, it doesn't have to be a problem and second if you know how to prepare for a flight with your pet in tow it can go off without a hitch.

Let's start with shoes. I live in the south so most of the time shoes means sandals. I have found an awesome pair of sandals called Onesoles. They are literally one pair of shoe soles with over 100 tops to choose from. I have purchased some printed tops but mainly solid colored tops. When I travel, I wear the shoes and pack 4 or 5 tops in my bag that take up less room than a t-shirt. All I have to do is snap on a new top and it looks like a whole new shoe.

You can download an airport map before your trip and review it before you get to the airport if you are not already familiar. This can be a lifesaver if you are running late for some reason and need to get to your gate to catch a flight to or from your destination.

Save money by doing your own tour of your destination. Head to the local tourist travel tips information center and pick up a few brochures for the tours offered. These can clue you into the areas of interest and then explore on your own. You will find yourself having more fun, as you are free to alter your "tour" in an instant if you see something unexpected or interesting that you want to check out.

Travel can be fun, and it can be dangerous at the same time. Traveling is a great way to experience new places and meet people with a different view of things. We touch other cultures and other ways of life; we broaden our own perspectives and understand, finally, that our small problems are just that.

C. Be cautious when buying something from a street vendor. Some merchandise can be classified as counterfeit or unsafe and you may have to surrender it to the CBP when you get home.

14. If there is something you need for your room and you don't see it, ask. For instance, often times hotels will have a few mini-refrigerators available if you ask to have one. They don't have enough for every room, but upon request, you can have one. The same might go for a hair dryer or iron. You might be able to get extra packets of coffee for the coffee machine, or hot chocolate packets instead of coffee. If you forgot your toothbrush or deodorant, the hotel might have this to give to you at no additional charge.

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